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New Year for the Jam Clubs !

Jam Club   returns for more fun on Fridays on September 15th. - Registration from 4.45 pm.

Our ministry to primary school age children, the two Jam  Clubs, begin a new year of activities at Iver Heath Scout Hut, St. Margaret's Close, on Feb. 15th.

We have new music for the clubs and new games to play as we have fun on Fridays with a Christian flavour!

For children aged 5-7 Fridays at 5 pm at Iver Heath Scout Hut, An hour of stories, drama, crafts, games and music

Our Jam Club   team Debbie, Dee, John, Kerry & Mary meet the week before the start for a pre-term ‘Planning & Pizza' evening at the Rectory.

Our new group for pre-school children and their parents and carers on Fridays, also starts on Sept. 15th.

The activity will begin at 10 am  in the Church Centre  (attached to the Church) for an hour of play, music and story-time, all with a Christian flavour!


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Our ‘Church in Community' Project


In 2015 St. Margaret's began to put into practice the mission strategy called “Church in Community” which the PCC had adopted unanimously.  The report proposing the project came from the Church in Community Group. 

In November 2015 we took the first step in the project, the launch of the JAM Club  (Jesus & Me) 

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Jam Xtra  

Jam Club Xtra.  Our new club for children in school years 3-6 (Key Stage 2, aged 8-11) was launched last September. Jam Club Xtra   follows a similar age-appropriate format to Jam Club   with the same leadership team.

We encourage children who are currently in Year 2 to move into Jam Club Xtra   when they move into Year 3.

Boys predominate at Jam Club Xtra   -   perhaps the indoor hockey has something to do with it!

Boys are crucial to our communities and to the future of the Church. We have an opportunity to reach them with the gospel!





 Jam Club T-Shirts 



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The Jam Club and Jam Club Xtra   meet at Iver Heath Scout Hut at 5 p.m. & 6 p.m. respectively on Fridays. Activities include singing Christian songs, a Bible story, and craft activities related to the theme. We sometimes do theme-related drama and we also have a games time and, of course, refreshments! 

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Fridays at Iver Heath Scout Hut

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