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We are commited to being:

A Growing, Worshipping, Celebrating, Proclaiming, Christian Presence at the Heart of the Community.


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Pilgrimage Weekend:  8th - 10th June 

Eleven of us will be on pilgrimage to Walsingham 8th -10th June.   Our visit is a little later this year

(we usually go in May)  but as usual we will have a very full programme of prayer and devotion 

mixed with a trip to the seaside and fellowship with pilgrims from all overthe UK.


The Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.

St Margarets from the East



     St. Margaret's is the local parish church of Iver Heath in the south of Buckinghamshire.


00We are here to serve God and to serve the people of Iver Heath by sharing our worship, our faith and fun!


00You are welcome to visit our services on Sundays and weekdays, to join one of our courses exploring the Christian faith and for your children to join in the fun at our weekly children's clubs.


00You can be sure of a warm welcome whatever

your age or situation.



Rector: Fr. Andrew Montgomerie

 St Margaret's needs TLC!

Our lovely little Church was built nearly 160 years ago and is always in need of tender loving care!

In May, stonemasons spent two weeks replacing worn stone in the tower and around the Church.

On June 11th work begins to re-roof the lychgate - which everyone uses to enter the churchyard from Church Rd.

The PCC (Church Council) has also decided to replace the existing path to the Church, at a cost of around £6,000. We are really grateful for a donation of £2,500 from the ‘Friends of St Margaret's'. We hope the new path will be put in this summer.

For information about the ‘Friends of St Margaret's' please contact John on 01753 652266.

A group of enthusiastic volunteers hold working parties on Saturdays twice a month to look after the Churchyard. Have you got green fingers or would like to enjoy the open air this summer?

Contact Martin on 651276.

Baptism Complete - by Full Immersion!

Pentecost Sunday was very special at St Margaret's as we held our first ever Baptism by total immersion! Esther Masters, was baptised by Fr Andrew & Mary Montgomerie at the King's Church at a service attended by other members of the St Margaret's group and several other members of the congregation, as well as Esther's family.


The word ‘baptise' means to immerse - dip completely into water, which symbolises the dying and rising of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through water and the Spirit, Jesus says, we are ‘born again'.

Esther's baptism was a wonderful occasion, and we are very grateful to King's Church for allowing us to use their baptism pool. Esther is part of our small  pilgrim group which meets Sunday evenings at the Rectory.






           Esther supported by other members

                 of St Margaret's PilgrimPGroup.

'pilgrim courses' for new followers and those who want to grow spiritually.

Nine people participated in our pilgrim course on the Bible before Easter, and we are currently running a Sunday evening course for those preparing for Baptism or exploring the Christian faith.

Please contact us for more information about these courses.


    Jam Tots   Picnic      

  We chose the sunniest and warmest of days for our Jam Tots  picnic on 15th May. Lots of mums, grandmas and one brave grandad came and had a lovely day with lots of food, and play!

We must do it again sometime soon!

Jam Tots is meeting every Friday from 8th June from 10 a.m. in the Church Room.


Please pray for the Jam Tots    team, Marjorie, Dee, Mary/and Father Andrew.


Jam Club and Jam Club Xtra  re-start, June 15th

Jam Club Xtra has expanded to take in more activities. In the second half children who want to play games stay in the Scout Hut and other children go to the Village Hall where we use a room to do craft-work or drama. This has expanded the range of what we do, and also the number of children who can participate.


For more information about our Jam clubs   click here.


"From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise"

 (Psalm 8 verse 2)


Sounds Good!

People attending St Margaret's cannot help noticing a new quality sound system installed just before Easter in the Church. The sound quality is now superb and state of the art! Thanks to the work of Project Manager Chris Daubney, the system was installed over three days, providing us with an excellent new system.

In addition, the altar rail has been repaired, and we hope to repair and update the paths accessing the Church in the near future.


To read about our Church in Community Project   click here 

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