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We are commited to being:

A Growing, Worshipping, Celebrating, Proclaiming, Christian Presence at the Heart of the Community.


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Easter 2018                 


  We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song! – St Augustine


A Happy Easter!                          

April is the season of Easter, when we celebrate the resurrection: Jesus died on the cross, and rose from the dead. He was dead, and he is alive! Paul tells us that over 500 people saw Jesus after he had risen from the dead!   What happened next?

Find out Sundays at St. Margaret's!                                               

The resurrection of Jesus turned his followers from a bunch of fear-filled friends into a courageous and contagious church! The very same women and men who had hidden behind locked doors from the police

out of fear (see John chapter 20), became a bold community proclaiming that Jesus is Lord!


Knowing the risen Jesus changed their lives, and it changes people's lives today. That is why Augustine called Christians ‘Easter people' - because knowing Jesus, alive today, makes all the difference!


Death is no more a threat to be afraid of, but the gateway to something greater and better.   Life is no longer meaningless, but has a purpose - to know Jesus more and more until we meet him face to face.


Our Church services are mainly on a Sunday because Sunday is the day of the resurrection, and our whole life as Christians should proclaim that great truth which makes all the difference.


He died, and he rose again. Alleluia!

St Margarets from the East



     St. Margaret's is the local parish church of Iver Heath in the south of Buckinghamshire.


00We are here to serve God and to serve the people of Iver Heath by sharing our worship, our faith and fun!


00You are welcome to visit our services on Sundays and weekdays, to join one of our courses exploring the Christian faith and for your children to join in the fun at

our weekly children's clubs.


00You can be sure of a warm welcome whatever

your age or situation.



Rector: Fr. Andrew Montgomerie

'pilgrim courses' for new followers and those who want to grow spiritually.

Nine people participated in our pilgrim course on the Bible before Easter, and we are currently running a Sunday evening course for those preparing for Baptism or exploring the Christian faith.

Look out for more news on pilgrim courses soon!

St. Margaret's A.G.M. 2018 will be held at 11.30 a.m. Sunday 22nd April.

Our Church invites all members and friends to join us for our Annual General Meeting. This is a great opportunity to hear about what we have been doing and our future plans. It is a time of sharing ideas and discussing them as we seek to take our Church in Community Programme ( Jam ministries) to the next level. This includes the development of a simple worship experience for people unfamiliar with Church but who have been reached through the Jam ministries.

We also have some new ideas about funding our Church's work. If you are inspired to help us in our outreach in Iver Heath, contact John Lane (01753 652266) who can advise you on giving towards our mission.


Sounds Good!

People attending St Margaret's cannot help noticing a new quality sound system installed just before Easter in the Church. The sound quality is now superb and state of the art! Thanks to the work of Project Manager Chris Daubney, the system was installed over three days, providing us with an excellent new system.

In addition, the altar rail has been repaired, and we hope to repair and update the paths accessing the Church in the near future.


Our Jam Club got off to a great start this year despite the weather


Jam Tots is meeting Friday mornings and the mums, carers and children are having lots of fun. We recently took delivery of a trolley to hold children's coats and other outdoor wear while they play together. They also enjoy lovely treats and nice coffee provided by Marjorie. Please tell any young mums that you know about

Jam Tots  take an Easter break from Good Friday (March 30th ) , re-starting on Friday April 20th.


Jam Club Xtra has expanded this term to take in more activities. In the second half children who want to play games stay in the Scout Hut and other children go to the Village Hall where we use a room to do craft-work or drama. This has expanded the range of what we do, and also the number of children who can participate.

Jam Club Xtra   takes an Easter break from Friday March 23rd, re-starting on Friday April 20th.


Please pray for the Jam Tots    team - Marjorie, Dee, Mary/and Father Andrew. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

For more information about our Jam clubs   click here.


"From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise"

 (Psalm 8 verse 2)


To read about our Church in Community Project   click here 

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